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Easy Model-Driven Development
Powerful Code Generation

Are you still writing code like in the seventies, line by line, file by file? Take a quantum leap in productivity with models and ABSE!

AtomWeaver is plug-and-play: Start generating code from your models in minutes.

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Software Development Automation

Automate yourself. Get to your code faster, with less problems. Quickly reuse your tried and tested code.

Easily convert your knowledge and code into reusable assets.

Software development automation

Easy Integration

You don't have to give up any of your favorite IDEs and tools.

AtomWeaver easily integrates into your toolchain.

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Simple to Learn
Easy to Start

ABSE is a simple model-driven automation framework: Simple API, a few rules.

Start with simple templates. Grow to full-blown generators!

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AtomWeaver for Code Generation

Generate configuration files, database access code or other parts of your running system. Build intelligent code generators using AtomWeaver and integrate them in your development setup. Learn more...

domain model

AtomWeaver for Model-Driven Development

Do you want to develop using models, but don't want to use complex model-driven approaches like UML, MDA or EMF? See how ABSE and AtomWeaver make model-driven development so much easier. Learn more...

Why Choose AtomWeaver?

Effective code & knowledge reuse

Multiply your productivity. AtomWeaver can capture your knowledge and your code assets. Save precious development time and avoid bugs through a simple reuse mechanism.

Multiple Targets

Multiple targetting

Developing for today's systems requires mixing multiple systems, languages and frameworks. With ABSE and AtomWeaver you can use a unified model to target all the required systems.

complex network

Tackle complexity

Work at the feature level, refactor at the feature level. Have a birds-eye view of your project.



Don't want to change your development methods? Want to use a specific methodology like AOP, TDD or DSM? ABSE and AtomWeaver will support you.



Build a database schema editor and code generator in a few minutes with just 5 Atoms!

See how you can specify your database schemas and generate the corresponding SQL code by building a specialized tool in a few minutes, by reusing 5 Atom Templates with 84 lines of code!


March 29, 2012

AtomWeaver demonstrated at the Code Generation Conference

After our initial paper submission outlining how AtomWeaver would support a Piping & Instrumentation expert in designing a P&I installation, we went to the LWC workshop and showed it live.

March 8, 2012

AtomWeaver submission to the LWC has been posted

We have just made public a document that outlines AtomWeaver’s demonstration in the Language Workbench Challenge 2012. Read the AtomWeaver submission document here.

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